I’m Janine, an interior designer, currently living in London. I started this blog as a way of extending my love of design to friends and family, who sometimes cannot believe the things I tell them I’ve been lucky enough to see. Finding humour in the parallels of spending days in the world’s most expensive residential properties and then travelling home on the crammed underground moaning about the extortionate fare I’ve had to pay.

After graduating University, I landed a job as an interior designer and fell into a world where every single detail is considered and designed to complete impeccable interiors.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a fantasy world. A creative bubble packed with many cool events. But not forgetting the simpler things in life, like lounging on the sofa with my fat cat.


YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT: Janine@thesealpup.co.uk

PHOTO CREDIT:  Rachel Lipsitz Photography