Sequins at Searcys

30 pavillion road

Dressed in sparkling attire and killer heels we arrived at 30 Pavilion Road, to a discreet blue house.


Searcys, Pavilion Road is situated in Knightsbridge and is a stunning space situated in a luxurious country style townhouse. The Georgian building was acquired in 1920 and became a well-established venue for high society events.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

Entered through into the grand Stone Hall, clad with marble cabochon flooring, rich colours and a stunning Christmas tree located at the bottom of the stairs.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

The wrought iron balustrade, worked in contrast with the bold stair runner and bronze stair rods. We swirled up the staircase with a traditional lantern hanging above.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

The Library was our first space for the evening, greeted with mulled wine; champagne, canapés and Christmas carol singers we relaxed in the festivities.

searcys 30 pavillion road carol singers

The extravagant Library felt like a typical scene from a Christmas film with a roaring fire and the nostalgic music playing. The antiqued timber panelled walls added an extra layer of warmth to the space, with deep green carpet and layered contrasting rug.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

Taken to our seats situated in the ballroom, we admired the magical table.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

The table was dressed with flickering candles and fresh ivy laid across the entire length of the table. The extravagant space had high ceilings; the windows were draped in beautiful velvet fabrics and accompanied with traditional pelmet window treatments.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

The marble fireplace became a dramatic focal point in the room, adding grandeur with crystal chandeliers, patterned wallpaper and chevron timber flooring. The fairy-tale dinning space was the most idyllic spot for a sumptuous dinner.

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

searcys 30 pavillion road interior

Our chef Tobe served warm Lancashire cheese soufflé that were light delicious little clouds that melted in your mouth.

We all participated in games, noting our secrets on paper and guessing whom they belonged to. It resulted in stories that left us gasping, giggling and amazed in some cases.


Followed onto our next course we had roasted corn fed Poussin, with lentils root vegetables and a rich wine sauce.

Entertainment from a Frank Sinatra impersonator serenaded us with timeless classics; with some of our party jumping up to show their best dance moves.

Our desert was an indulgent Madagascan chocolate pudding. I’m still daydreaming about it now.

To add to our Christmas celebration we exchanged secret Santa presents, alongside coffee and chocolate truffles.

The next surprise of the evening was our very own DJ who played all our favourite songs we requested.

Without any persuasion we all descended from the table some kicked off their shoes and danced like excited children throughout the evening.

We relaxed our dancing feet in soft upholstered chairs by the bar to refuel and hopped back on the dance floor twirling to the night away.

The evening ended with an overexcited urge to test out the quality of the cushions.

*No cushions were harmed in the testing of soft furnishings.

Such a wonderful party, we reluctantly left at closing time and hopped in a taxi to continue the celebrations on the Kings Road.

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