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Tulum’s Mayan Ruins

Tulum attracts jet-setters from all over the globe. Any place that has crystal clear waters and guaranteed sunshine is bound to be popular.

So as requested following on from our adventure of Joyriding in Tulum, here’s the next instalment of our Tulum tales. Tulum is also home to the historical Mayan ruins which is built on a coast. Just picture it – architectural ruins with a backdrop of turquoise waters and swaying palm trees. How can you not want to visit?

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Temple of Winds Mayan Ruins Tulum

Jim Thompson’s House: Bangkok

I hope you’re ready for an adventure seeing as it’s summer after all. Summer is well underway and should only mean a few things, work less, get out in that sunshine and get some exploring underway. Hibernation is for winter.

This summer I’ve taken this advice quite literally, packed up my bags and left the humid city behind in search of creative inspiration crossing the waters into the South East Asian seas, first stop being Thailand’s Bangkok.

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