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london design festival 2016

I’m going to fast-forward the blog a few weeks, to the biggest design festival of the year – London Design Festival. Don’t worry; I will still be sharing the rest of my design finds from Vietnam and Indonesia with you shortly.

LDF is one of the most incredibly inspiring design festivals you’ll ever attempt to whizz around.



There is a vast amount of design exhibitions, installations, events, talks and of course tonnes of parties to attend. The capital buzzes with excitement as designers flock to the city attempting to cram in as much creativity as they can. Not only is it a brilliant way to get inspired it’s also an awesome time to catch up with friends in the industry and make new ones!


Make sure you head to the Victoria & Albert Museum to see there installations specially commissioned for the festival. The V&A is one of London’s most spectacular museums and it’s a great way to enjoy new installations with its striking interior architecture as a backdrop.


Granted the museum is always busy but it seemed to be heaving when I visited with an excitable energy.


First stop – coffee in the garden overlooking the newly commissioned Elytra Filament Pavilion.


The structure was created with glass and carbon fibre, the design was realised using filament structures of forewing shells of flying beetles. A rather complex concept!




The whole installation was produced using a robotic weaving process, hence the robot located within the structure.



Next up over the bridge of the Medieval Galleries is the Beloved installation, a three-metre long mirrored black box on the bridge.


Through cracks in the surface there are scenes from the novel Madonna in a Fur Coat playing. The installation combines cinematic technique, objects, sound and light; created by Tabanlıoğlu Architects.



One of the most dramatic installations I’ve experienced for some time was Foil Layer.



50,000 mirrors applied to panels that ribbon 20 metres in length. The panels sway in a wave like motion and create a very calming feeling with the Tapestry Gallery space as the backdrop.




The atmospheric sound and moody lighting have a very relaxing impact on you. It affects your senses with the mix of light and almost leaves you feeling slightly hypnotized once you’ve walked around the entire space.


We popped into the Glastonbury Land & Legend installation, which shows the festival grow through time with space and people.


For those Glastonbury obsessive’s (like myself) it’s interesting seeing the festival through different perspectives and ultimately looking through some of the memorabilia hanging on the walls.


Probably one of LDF’s most captured images on Instagram (guilty) is the Green Room piece designed by London design studio Glithero.




The kinetic installation was inspired by time; the piece moves and is quite mesmerizing to watch.



The cylindrical curtain has over 160 silicone cords that wrap around the gallery stairwell.



The best way to view the installation is to start at the base of the stair and walk up to the top soaking in glances through the windows as you pass.



There’s plenty more to take in at the V&A but I’ll let you discover the rest through your own eyes.

After absorbing the new installations I headed on over to Marylebone to visit the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence.



The residence is an exceptional 18th century Adam Brothers building.


With impressive ceiling heights, intricate cornices and ceiling mouldings it was hard not to walk around with my mouth wide open. The evening was hosted by the Swedish Ambassador and celebrated Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend.


The evening began  with an inspirational presentation by Arne Berg the creator of the Ice Hotel, where we understood the intense craftmanship and love that goes into building the hotel each year. A must for anyones bucket list!



Beautifully bright chaise located in the entrance lobby, upholstered in Josef Frank’s fabric.


There’s something quite magical about all that London has to offer especially during the design festival, make sure you squeeze in time to experience it.








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