The best way to spend an afternoon has to be on a rooftop tipi, in the middle of winter with best friends. Welcome to Wigwambam.


The tipi is a comfy way to start a night, with wooden chippings on the floor, twinkling lights and tree stumps as stools. Pretty visuals of Eastern lights are projected onto the exterior and interior of the wigwam structure.

wigwambam queen of hoxton

Live bands play and huge joints of meat are cooked in the centre to help soak up the mulled drinks.


Tucked into the most ammmazing baps filled with juicy pork, crackling, chestnut and herb stuffing with gravy oozing out. So tasty I’m already craving another one. Served with potato and dill salad and pickled red cabbage salad.

wigwambam queen of hoxton hot buttered rum

Washed down with the next goody; hot buttered rum with a dash of spice served in mugs.


S’mores are on offer and can be toasted in the fires located outside the tipi. Gooey marshmallows always go down well, sadly so well there was no time for a photo.



The dancing began downstairs, followed by lots of cheeky behaviour.





Take a trip to Wigwambam it usually is open until March and is well worth a visit. Make sure you head there early to claim a tree stump, feast on lots of meat and toast your own marshmallows.

Details here: Queen of Hoxton – Wigwambam

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